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DMX Headlines

DMX Issued An Arrest Warrant

DMX has been issued an arrest warrant after he missed his court date on Monday. According to Gossip, the rapper thought his court date was set for today (Dec. 15th), but it was yesterday and the judge was pissed that he missed it. In court the judge reportedly said, “It’s going to be really hard to perform at the Westchester County Jail. [DMX] sat here at the table and said, ‘If you let me go, I’m coming back.’ Well, he ain’t here. It’ll be interesting to see if TSA picks him up on a warrant,'”

DMX Arrested For Missing Child Support Payment

DMX was arrested in New York earlier today for Contempt of Court. According to police, X missed a $10,000 child support payment due to Tashera Simmons, the rapper's ex wife. DMX was later released without bail after explaining he needs to keep performing in order to make a living.

"All I have is my name and my reputation,” he said to the judge, adding that performing is the “only way I can make a living."

DMX Released From Jail

DMX has been released from jail after receiving a 6 months sentence for not paying child support , but the rapper told TMZ that there was a problem with his original conviction. Although the rapper was released, the court is trying to figure out if X actually knew about his debt all along and just didn't want to pay it. As of right now the rapper is a free man, but things could change... Stay tuned

DMX’s Son Selling His Platinum Plaques While He’s In Jail (Photo)

DMX is sitting in jail right now and reports claim his son Xavier has taken X's platinum records and threw them up on Ebay to sell. Xavier put three platinum plaques up on Ebay that included, and he only asked for $3,000!! According to reports, X is pissed his son would betray him like that and he says "it shows supreme ingratitude." Check out the EBay post below.   0908-dmx-recod-plaque-selling-ebay-4  

DMX Thrown In Jail For 6 Months

DMX has been sentenced to 6 months in jail for failing to comply with a family court ruling. The rapper has had trouble with paying his child support with on of his baby mamas and it has finally caught up with him. He was sent to Erie County Holding Center after being sentenced Tuesday .

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